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    I'm completely appalled. My bookkeeping requirements should only take 3 hours a month, they inflated this to 10 hours. After being with them for one year they increased my monthly quote by 75%, which there was no way I'd be paying. I got my paperwork back (hoping it's all here) and my new bookkeeper informs me that entries weren't even done correctly. My business works with foreign currencies and these need to be accounted for properly. Apparently they couldn't handle that even though they'd be provided be a bank deposit slip noting the exchange rates and how they worked. I was assured numerous times that bank reconciliations were done every month but it's obvious they were as starting balances are out of balance. On top of this, the paperwork I have is all messed up and not filed properly. I also paid monthly toward a corporation return and even though they will not be filing my return, they are refusing to reimburse me for this.
    By Carolyn Arnold, 29-03-2018
  • Hard Working Family that does their very best...That is why they have Received London Best Auctioneer Award for the last 5 years! Organized and Efficient. Unfortunately some don't realize all the work that it takes to keep items from being taken by the wrong person, and safety concerns that have to be met on pick up.
    By L Storey, 27-03-2018
  • Yes for Wes! We worked with him when we bought our first home and he made the experience as smooth as possible. He listened carefully to what we were looking for and didn't waste our time with locations or styles of home that were not for us. The market was a little slow during our search and, as first time home buyers, we were anxious and nervous that we were never going to find "our house" in our price range. But Wes continued to re-assure us and gave us all the right advice. We've been in our home almost 3 years and couldn't be happier with both our house and our neighbourhood. Wes went the extra mile and stayed in contact with us after the sale, making sure things were going smoothly and answering any questions (stupid or not!) that we had. I would recommend Wes to anyone. He made the home-buying journey, which can be stressful and intense, a smooth and satisfying experience.
    By A Google User, 26-03-2018
  • It's not very often you find a combination of quality, service, timeliness and price. Christina and the staff at Gordon's Gold pulled off all 4...with style. They made the process easy. Well done.
    By FC LONDON, 26-03-2018

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